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Sports betting is a common betting event among Malaysians and worldwide.

Because of the popularity of watching and playing football in the country, local people are participating in the football betting online as well, as a part of their passion for the sport.

Therefore, many online betting platforms in Malaysia had provided sports booking, especially betting on all the popular football competitions.

However, every platform has its different playing instructions, betting options or odds given, so, it is very important to get a one-stop destination for best sportsbook Malaysia, to enjoy football betting at most excitement and lowest risks.

Top Football Betting Games You Can Bet Online

As the most popular sport in human history, football matches are watched by billions of people worldwide, including millions of Malaysians.

Local people are most favoured on the European football events, especially the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Spanish LaLiga, German Bundesliga and others.

Of course, the FIFA World Cup will be the hottest competition to bet on this winter.

This largest football tournament in human history is grabbing billions of people to watch and discuss it, while many are betting on its matches, to make a fortune or feel the excitement.

Brief Information About English Premier League (EPL)

The EPL was established in 1992, playing for its 31st season this year.

Acknowledged as the most profitable and highest viewed football competition, Premier League has around a billion of audiences worldwide, most of them are EPL club fans.

We1Win provides betting on the EPL with multiple options and tempting odds. As a platform of the best sportsbook Malaysia, you can put your wages on all EPL matches through the season.

For those fans of English giant clubs such as Man United, Liverpool and Arsenal, you can show your support or confidence on your favoured teams by betting on them.

Crucial Knowledge on FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup was established in 1930, held once every four years. It is the 22nd running of this event in Qatar this year.

The World Cup was only stopped once in history, from 1938 to 1950, due to World War II.

There are only eight national teams who won the titles in the past 21 tournaments, Brazil is the most successful team as they won five times, followed by Germany and Italy with each four times.

Betting on Qatar World Cup 2022 at We1Win, the best sportsbook Malaysia, to participate in the football fever this winter where everyone talks about it.

General Details of UEFA Champions League

The UCL is the highest glory of the European football clubs.

Playing annually as a season starting in September and ending in May next year, it competed from group stage, to the qualification stages and the final.

Normally played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Champions League gathers all the top class teams in every European major league, which appear in many clashes of giants.

UCL is another hot choice in the best sportsbook Malaysia, especially including the powerful clubs such as Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, PSG, Liverpool and Manchester City.

All You Need To Know About UEFA Europa League

UEL is the second tier of European competition, below the Champions League.

It is participated by those strong clubs who missed the UCL, giving them a chance to win another trophy.

Meanwhile, in the round of 16, eight clubs from the third place of the Champions League group stage will join the tournament.

Features You Can Enjoy in We1Win Football Betting

For a player in sports booking, there are multiple features to be enjoyed in We1Win, the best sportsbook Malaysia.

We provide the best odds to win for betting on football matches, for example, higher percentage of payout, and number of handicap or over/under.

Besides, we also offer free bonuses and rewards from time to time, for actions of deposit, turnover or long term playing.

Highest Betting Odds in The Town

Why looking for other platforms to bet on football matches, since you have the highest odds here?

We1Win always provides the highest betting odds among the industry. For example, you can get an odds of 0.99 here instead of 0.95 in other places.

With CMD368 and Maxbet as our vendors, you can also compare the odds between these two to find out your preferred odds in the best sportsbook Malaysia.

Get Football Live Score Instantly

We1Win has also provided the feature of football live score and real time statistics.

During the matches, you can keep updated with the live score among the league or tournament, as well as the live data such as shots, fouls, corners, ball possessions and substitutions.

Top Football Betting Tips

Give yourself a higher chance to win, by feeded with the tips of football betting online in the best sportsbook Malaysia.

We1Win constantly share some betting ideas or references for certain football matches in our social media, follow us to have a clue to choose your betting option.

Understand The Decimals Odds

Before starting a bet, make sure yourself clear with the odds or the betting options, to hold the best chance to win with the highest payout.

For example, in the CMD Sportsbook, the figures with black is the payout you get, such as 0.90 makes you win 90 dollars with betting 100.

Oppositely, the red figure is the payout you paid. It comes with a negative symbol (-). For example, -0.90 means you lost 90 dollars but fully won 100.

We1Win, the best sportsbook Malaysia, always shows clearly on all the decimals odds, to avoid confusing players and causing conflicts.

Make Sure You Know What You Are Betting

Unlike other sections in the online betting platforms, sports booking or football betting has more complicated playing methods and required related knowledge.

For people who are familiar with football content or information, such as the matches info or teams statistics, they would have a better chance to win their bet.

There are many types of playing methods in football betting online, please study before you start a bet, and read carefully every detail during your bet.

We1Win offen shares content regarding betting methods and playing instructions. We also provide customer service 24/7, to assist our players for any inquiry or issue.

Other Sports Betting Games To Bet in Malaysia

Want to try betting on other types of sports instead of football? You can choose much more stuff to put your stakes on in the best sportsbook Malaysia.


Basketball is another favoured section in local sports booking.

We have various betting options for the NBA, the most popular basketball event worldwide.

You can choose any of the NBA matches throughout the season to bet on, from the regular season to playoffs and finals.

Catch on the NBA hot games involved giant teams such as LA Lakers, Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Golden State Warriors, Utah Jazz and Phoenix Suns, while bet on them in the best sportsbook Malaysia.


Yes, you can bet on the most common sport in Malaysia as well!

Regarded as the “national sport”, most Malaysians are familiar with international badminton events all year.

While playing badminton or watching the matches, betting on badminton competition is another exciting experience.

All the popular BWF Tournaments are available to bet on in We1Win, the best sportsbook Malaysia.


We even provide a bet on some unpopular sports, such as cricket.

Cricket, which is a hot activity in the USA and certain countries, has its own fans too.

Therefore, we serve the cricket fans to bet on its games as well, to show our comprehensive identity as the best sportsbook Malaysia.


Tennis games might not be familiar among Malaysians, but it could be interesting to bet on.

You can try your luck on the major tennis competitions, especially the Grand Slams which play in four venues each year.

Register & Make Your Money Count in We1Win

Get yourself the greatest experience of sports booking, by signing up in We1Win now.

Our registration is simple and less information required, you just have to fill in your name, phone number and date of birth, then you are a member in our community.

We1Win is determined to serve as the best sportsbook Malaysia, not just provide awesome betting options and highest odds, we also operate as a trusted and secured platform, to ensure our members’ funds and personal information are kept in the safest condition.

Beside sports booking, we have also provided all the major sections available in every Malaysia betting platform, including the live casino Malaysia, slot game online, 4D lottery, poker, fish shooting games, as well as the esports betting which is in trending nowadays.

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