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Poker is the most popular casino betting game in the world. People of all ages are familiar with this game because it has been featured in many pop culture content, from movies to dramas, and songs.

What makes poker so fascinating is that with just a few cards in hand and simple rules, players are challenged to outwit and outbeat those who are against them and the results are always surprising.

This is what sets poker apart from other casino table games such as baccarat or Dragon/Tiger. It is more of a psychological game than just a straight up calculations card game.

Some professional poker players in the world even use complex mind games to “trick” their opponents and they are masters in body language. Every little reaction and movement can be read by them to signify specific meanings allowing them to “tell” the hand their opponents have.

An Introduction to The Game of Poker​

This famous card game known as poker has a long history with some saying that the game began in the 10th century due to the fact that playing cards were invented by the Chinese before AD1000.

In addition, researchers thought that an early version of poker games were played by the emperor of China. However, it is the French version of poker that was invented in the 13th century that is commonly recognised today.

The current game of poker was revolutionised by the Americans who learnt the game in the 19th century from the French. The current deck of cards consist of 52 numbered / valued cards and Aces, Jacks, Queens, and Kings, as well as two joker cards (sometimes four, depending on the game rules).
Among the 52 cards, there are four different “symbols” for each value. They are Spades, Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. For each of these symbols, there are 13 cards.

Adding the value of the card is rather easy, but to actually achieve the penultimate value of 21 in your hand is a rare oddity indeed. It also requires lots of luck.

Gaining Momentum Outside of America and Europe​

Poker games were made popular firstly in western countries. Consequently, its popularity began to spread to other parts of the world, namely Asia and South America.

To many of these players, poker games are considered a leisure activity played with close friends or family. It has become part of the community’s interest and pastime. Additionally, poker cards are easily available in Asian countries. It can cost as little as a few dollars to own a deck, or sometimes, the cards are given free with alcohol purchases.

In Malaysia, poker is avidly played during large family festivities and gatherings like birthdays or weddings. Most especially, during Chinese New Year as everyone gathers to try their luck in earning some free cash from their family members and friends.

Poker Game Variants: Texas Hold’Em

Poker is a general name for most card games that abide by the same rules where each player, including the dealer, will be dealt two cards face down. One of the most popular variants of online poker games is Texas Hold’Em.

The game is so huge that it is even competed for large grand sums of prizes at international competitions and tournaments worldwide. Competitions such as the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour even bestows winners with rare titles that all poker players covet.

Poker Game Variants: Blackjack

Another well-known or commonly played poker game is blackjack or also known as 21. This particular game is a crowd favourite among Malaysian Chinese people and played with zest during the Chinese New Year or any other festivities where family and friends can gather together.

It is an even simpler game compared to Texas Hold’Em because it is a collective game against the dealer where all players just need to achieve a higher value (not above 21) than the dealer. All bets are drawn against the dealer and not against each other, making this a fun card game to play with people you love.

Poker’s Move From Casino Tables to Online Platforms

Due to the rise in computers and the internet, poker games slowly migrated from the casino tables to online casinos platforms. Physical cards became virtual.

There are a plethora of online casinos in Malaysia that offer online casino games which include online poker games. What makes them stand out from each other is the graphics, characters, and interfaces.

Beating almost every online casino site is We1Win, Malaysia’s largest and highly trusted live casino to enjoy a game of poker online. This is your one-stop solution for all your poker needs and entertainment.

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Online Poker Games’ Levels and Difficulties

Everyone knows that most games come in several levels of difficulty. But not many are aware that online poker games come with different levels of difficulty too. That is because most games are paired with dazzling graphics, sexy animated girls and many other eye-catching graphics.

Even so, players need to be careful which room they step into because the rooms are sorted with different categories such as novice, amateur, junior, senior, supreme, or emperor. Each of these different categories represent different levels of difficulty of the online poker games as well as the minimum coins required to play and the minimum amount of blinds (first bet put with no cards in hand) to place.

Pro Online Poker Games: The Supreme and Emperor

Veteran poker players who have lots of funds will usually find themselves challenging at the supreme or emperor categories of online poker games. The reason why only players with large funds can afford to play in these games is because the minimum amount to begin playing is large. Some totalling to about 1,800 coins.

These high stake online poker games usually ensure high intensity and lots of excitement. Many players daring enough to try will show up, but only few will survive and be able to walk away with the acclaimed title of Poker King.

Play Poker Played Anywhere, Anytime

Playing fun poker games does not need to wait. You do not need specific festivities or gatherings to enjoy a game of poker. What you need is to join We1Win or download We1Win app and play online poker games anytime and anywhere.

With We1Win, you get to enjoy a multitude of online poker games without pre-downloads of any softwares or extra tools. Instead, what you get is an amazing and exciting online casino Malaysia gaming experience. There is a large variety of online poker games on the website and it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This will give you ample opportunities to enjoy gaming for a long time.

Additionally, you will be bowled over with so many pretty graphics, a slew of impressive players, and exciting rewards, it will be hard for you to stop playing online poker games once you start.

Safety and Security Utmost Importance

Besides just fun games and pretty enjoyments, one thing is for sure when you play at We1Win is that your safety in online gaming is ensured with protection of benefits, personal information, and property.

There is nothing more crucial to us than to make sure all players play with an easy heart. All online poker games on We1Win are bet in real cash. Hence, all your winnings are going to be solidly real too. This is why, all transactions are made sure to be of highest standards, so that as players, you can rest assured you will be able to get it all when you win.

Easy Money Transactions

On top of just being secure, we at We1Win have made betting transactions easier for you too.

There are many ways to buy credit points on We1Win for any of the online poker games Malaysia. There are the traditional e-banking ways where you can transfer money through your savings account. Almost all banks are accepted.

But, there are also easier ways to transact, and that is by using ewallets. Ewallet casino is widely used in Malaysia these days. Here are several options for ewallet online casino Malaysia: TouchnGo, ShopeePay, GrabPay, and Boost.

Bet Poker Card Games Online with We1Win​

As Malaysia and Southeast Asia’s most trusted and reliable online entertainment and gaming site, We1Win endeavours to provide an electrifying gaming experience with our top-notch systems that certifies fair play for everyone.

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