How to Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile Without Any Issues

Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile: We all know how exactly the QuickPayPortal is going to help us in these days. If you are already known, no problem. But if you are new to the QuickPayPortal, I will help in giving you an idea of sharing the importance of QuickPayPortal at every single’s life. The very first QuickPayPortal is introduced by an American Company.

And the name of the company is Athena Health Inc. They have introduced this portal online for making or processing medical or patient bill payments faster and also in an easy way. So now without undergoing any kind of stress, you can complete the payment process right where you are. Apart from this, one more advantage is people or patients today can access the portal directly from their mobile.

Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile

How? Let me explain to you. You have an opportunity to use Quickpayportal directly from your mobile. We all know as to give comfort to a common man for processing patient bills easy and quick, the company introduced this. And to enhance more comfort and instant access, you can start to sign up through your mobile and start accessing it anytime and anywhere wonderfully.

Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile

To start accessing directly from the mobile, one must learn or know about the simple instructions followed step by step on how to Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile. Learning these details was important because you will no more face bugs or cannot take place even 1% to respectively. So it is recommended or suggestible to go through below simple bullet points.

  • First, take your invoice statement and check whether it has a Quick pay code or no. If it has and successfully identified, go with the next followed step by step process.

quickpayportal mobile access

  • Now take your mobile and open the one and only regularly used browser which is supportable too for accessing QuickPayPortal online site.
  • Move to the in-built search bar and enter the QuickPayPortal official site address that is l quickpay code. Once done, hit enter.
  • The page is displayed on the screen. Enter the code available in the invoice or statement respectively.
  • Tap on continue.
  • Pick your comfortable language among both English and Spanish which in turn helps you to understand better.

quickpayportal online

  • If you have observed, the summary billing page os on the screen.
  • Tap on Pay now option by agreeing to all its terms and conditions.
  • Now move to its payment page, enter the amount to be paid.
  • Once you have entered the amount, click on pay now.

QuickPayPortal Payment method

  • In order to end up the process, make sure you have filled the details like card number, expiration date, cardholder name, security code, city, address, and then click review payment to cross-check the entered details respectively.

QuickPayPortal mobile access online

  • Now after going through the entire details, mention the registered email address and tap submit payment.
  • Finally, you are going to see the notification saying payment done very well.


Therefore, the details and steps discussed here on Pay Medical Bills Using Mobile were completely simple to understand. For enhancing a better idea, you can look out the pictures displayed in the process. For any doubts, or to learn more needful information, drop down comments in the comment box. As soon as we notice, we will explain in simple words. So that you can understand and clear all your doubts. If you think the information provided here is helpful and like to share with your friends or through social networking sites, you can without any restrictions. Keep in touch with us for learning more and more interesting things were mentioned through this site.

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