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MyWakeHealth is a simple patient online portal where all the users or patients were allowed to process medical bill payments successfully. Not only just processing patient bill payments but also maintains a perfect record on the basis of health details of every single patient every time. These are maintained in the form of medical reports respectively.

Well, apart from these, whichever place you are doesn’t matter. You have a chance to operate your account at MyWakeHealth without facing or locating a single bug or trouble this is the same as the quickpayportal in which everyone can access. And to get access to their service, the MyWakeHealth is not all going to charge even a single penny. That means their service is available for free of cost. So, without taking any stress, you can freely move and get access to it anytime.


Smart device, while getting back there let me explain to you whatever you use PC/ Laptop or Smartphone, and you have a chance to get access to the corresponding portal successfully. If you have been noticed, there is an app highly compatible with present’s Android OS/ iOS versions respectively. And all this had become successful in a very less time period.

MyWakeHealth Features

Well, now just below if you have noticed there are certain features provided in simple points. Go through them one by one and get an idea regarding MyWakeHealth now without stepping back.

  • A person/ patient has an opportunity to ask the questions related to their medical history or undergoing e-visit with the specialist at any time is very much possible accessing the respective portal.
  • Placing a request for obtaining the prescription renewal.
  • Paying or processing medical bills through any mode of payment like credit cards/ debit cards/ cash/ any on accessing the respective portal.
  • Just simply by sign in up or log in to the MyWakeHealth, you can now access or learn the test results that are going to be updated on the right time.
  • Scheduling or viewing the appointments that might be past-related or upcoming respectively.
  • Referring or viewing on the summery visit of the corresponding doctor.

How to Register for MyWakeHealth

Well, people who are new and who don’t know, also who was getting ready to create an account at MyWakeHealth. So, therefore for such new people, we are going to help in providing guidelines in simple and understandable steps.

  • Open your web browser and make sure the browser you are choosing is the latest or supportable one.
  • Visit the official site or else simply copy and paste this corresponding link directly at your search bar for obtaining quick access.
  • The home page is on the screen.
  • When you tap on sign up, you are moved to a new page.

MyWakeHealth login

  • This is where you are asked to fill the details like mywakehealth activation code (This is what can be located right directly on the visit summary).
  • Enter the last 4 digits of SSN (Social Security Number).
  • And date of birth in the required format.
  • Now once you are done filling out these details, tap on next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. For instance, if you are not having the activation code, try to sign in up through this respective link now.

mywakehealth online

  • Fill up the details like name, address, other information, date of birth, SSN, and everything as shown in the image posted here.
  • Finally, tap on submit. You are successfully done!!!!

How to Login MyWakeHealth Online Portal

Till now you might have noticed various details regarding MyWakeHealth, but now let us learn simple login process involved to get access with it now without any fail. So, are you ready to learn and access your account? If yes, here are the simple instructions.

mywakehealth online portal

  • The very first, open the web browsers and do visit the official site called to get login successfully.
  • Once the page gets open, enter the details like username and password at the given space.
  • Now after filling them successfully, tap on the sign-in option.
  • You are done and all set to access your account without stepping back.

Apart from these, there is also one more way that helps us to access MyWakeHealth. How I am going to explain now in simple and easy language.

How to Access MyWakeHealth through your Mobile

Well, let me tell you, today it has become very much easier accessing MyWakeHealth at the reach or handy. How? Let me tell you just simply download the app through the below links, you can successfully get access with the MyWakeHealth now without facing any issue.

Download MyWakeHealth for Android OS Now

Download MyWakeHealth for iOS Now

  • Visit the store by tapping on the above link based on the OS you are using.

MyWakeHealth android app

  • Tap on the install [green button] to get the app directly to your mobile.
  • Wait till the whole process gets complete.
  • Once done, launch the app and start using it.

MyWakeHealth Contact DetailsĀ 

For any complaints/ suggestions, you can reach through any of the below contact details. So just go through and pick one of the ways to contact now and clear all your doubts successfully.

  • If in case of medical emergency: contact just by dialing the number 911.
  • For making the appointment, contact through the number: 888-716-WAKE (9253) now without any fail.
  • To discuss based on health-related queries, contact the number through 336-716-2255.
  • Medical Records: 336-716-3230.
  • Billing and Insurance contact number: 336-716-3988
  • Social work services contact number: 336-716-5329
  • Patient-related details: 336-713-0000
  • Outpatient pharmacy contact number: 336-716-3363
  • Mailing address:
  • Patient & Family relations: 336-713-2273
  • News media contact number: 336-716-4587
  • Employment general contact number: 336-716-4717
  • Employment, Physicians & Faculty contact number: 336-716-7580
  • Employment, Nurse Recruitment contact number: 336-716-3339
  • Communications, media, and marketing contact number: 336-716-4587
  • Best health contact number: 336-713-2378
  • Volunteer services contact number: 336-713-3514
  • Medical education contact number: 336-713-7860

MyWakeHealth Mailing Address

  • Wilkes Medical Center
    1370 West D Street, PO Box 609
    North Wilkesboro, NC 28659

Lexington Medical Center, 250 Hospital Drive, Lexington, NC 27292

  • Wake Forest Baptist Health
    Medical Center Boulevard, Winston-Salem,
    N.C. 27157

Davie Medical Center, 329 NC Hwy 801 N, Bermuda Run, NC 27006


I hope you are cleared with the details provided here. If you still any doubts regarding this online service portal so-called MyWakeHealth, post a comment. We will help and guide you appropriately. Also, like and share this useful information so that might help anybody living around you. Keep in touch with for learning more and more interesting things now that were already being updated right in this respective website.

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