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Live casino Malaysia is an online activity which developed rapidly in the country, and in Southeast Asia worldwide. As we know, Malaysia has only one place for physical casinos to operate legally, which is in the Genting Highlands.

However, most people feel it is inconvenient and costly to visit the top of the mountain, just to play some casino games and try their luck.

In the internet era where a network could be accessed everywhere, and this is common that mobile devices able to stay online with low charges. Live casino Malaysia is becoming a popular event in the region.

Malaysians are easy to reach a live online casino through social media, searching by google or being recommended by friends. However, it is not easy to determine a trusted live casino which is reliable, reputed and genuine, besides multiple exciting and profitable betting games in it.

Popular Live Casino Malaysia Table Games at Your Choice

We1Win is a live casino Malaysia which is trusted and secured while providing all the popular table games for you, even more than a land-based casino could offer.

As the largest online betting platform in Southeast Asia, you can enjoy various table games with plenty of rooms and live dealers available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

From the most popular table games, baccarat, to some traditional casino games such as sic bo and blackjack, you will be addicted to our trusted online casino world created by us.

Online Baccarat

Baccarat is the most popular table game in all physical casinos worldwide. Every casino prepares dozens of tables to serve Baccarat games. Therefore, as the common interest in this game, we provide at least ten to twenty tables for online baccarat from every vendor.

Welcome to challenge our online baccarat games. Join the table to bet along with other real players, and see if you could win real money from our live dealers!

Live Blackjack 21

Blackjack 21 is a traditional casino game which is familiar to Malaysians and Chinese. Blackjack is the favourite game during the Chinese New Year, where friends and family like to gather and play it as entertainment.

Now, you can experience online blackjack in live casino Malaysia. Our online gambling site provides you with plenty of tables for 21, where you can bet against real dealers with your skills and courage.

Live Roulette

Try your luck in the wheel of fortune in our mobile casino now! Roulette is a common game in every physical casino worldwide, people love to stand around the wheel, to put their chips on the number from 1 to 36.

Live roulette is available in all Malaysia live casinos nowadays, where you can bet on your favourite numbers with multiple playing options. This includes low/high, red/black, odd/even, dozen bet, column bet or snake bet.

We have a few tables available for live roulette from each vendor, where you can choose your favourite interface or design which hopefully brings you a fortune.

Sic Bo Game Online

Not a fan of card games? Come and join the dice games in the best live online casino Malaysia. Sic Bo is a dice game where three dice are put into a covered cylinder, and the dealer will uncover it to show the result after spinning it.

The Sic Bo game online is the same as the physical game, where players could bet on simple options such as big/small, odd/even, Specific Doubles, Specific Triples, Three Dice Total and others.

As a live casino Malaysia with multiple table games provided, you can play the Sic Bo game online here with plenty of tables available 24/7.

Online Poker

Poker fans are welcome to play online poker! As one of the most favourite casino games, we also provide various online poker games with fancy graphics, a comfortable interface and friendly settings.

All the popular online poker games are available here, including the most famous Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Bullfight, Fight the Landlord, Show Hand and many more. If you claim yourself a skilful poker player, come and challenge other real players in our online poker. This will give you an opportunity to win real money and become the Poker King!

Perks of Choosing We1Win Live Casino Malaysia

As the biggest live casino in Southeast Asia, We1Win provides a lot of benefits and advantages for our players, besides those exciting games.

By betting in our live casinos, you will be served by professional live dealers, regulated by our fair rules, and enjoy our attractive bonuses and rewards, for both new and existing members.

Professional & Knowledgeable Live Dealers at Your Choice

We1Win provides many live dealers which serve each table game. Those real dealers are well trained and experienced, hosting the game with good skill and a nice attitude.

Our live dealers appear in decent attire to show their respect to the players. However, we also have sexy dealers at certain tables, make sure you won’t be distracted by them!

Fair & Square Live Casino Games

We are a genuine live casino Malaysia which complies with all the betting rules and terms regulated by the authorities.

All our live casino games strictly follow the rules applied for every online casino, the betting instructions are also clear and without any hidden conditions.

During the live casino games playing, our interfaces fully show the process, including every action of the live dealers, to make sure no hidden angle or covered area in the scene.

Lucrative Live Casino Promotions & Rebates

Get a great amount of benefits with betting on our platform! Join our live casino games now. Grab all the bonuses and promotions that you couldn’t have in any other live casino Malaysia.

For the existing members, play our games from time to time, in which live casino promotions and plenty of rebates will be offered constantly upon a deposit or turnover.

If you are an active member on our platform, you’ll soon find out the benefits of playing our casino games, probably not less than the money you won in those games!

Enjoy Betting in Top Reputable Live Casino Software Game Providers

As a completed live casino Malaysia, We1Win had gathered a lot of reputed software game providers. They provide various exciting casino games, where our players can choose their favourite interface or betting options among them.

These game providers are having great experience in operating live casino games, with a strong backend and powerful server, to make sure all the games are playing smoothly and stable all the time.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming or EVO LIVE is a casino games provider with dozens of game types provided. You can try different types of Baccarat, Dragon/Tiger, Roulette, Blackjack and poker here, while some unique casino games like Fan Tan are served here too.

Sexy Gaming

In Sexy Gaming, the live dealers appear with sexy costumes such as bikinis, as a unique point of the game vendor. Those sexy dealers are still professional and well-trained, and they might play some gestures to make the scene more lively. Make sure you are concentrating on the game with the distraction!

Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming provides all the popular online casino games in Asia, including those traditional Chinese betting games. Their live dealers are from multiple Asian countries, with elegant and sexy dresses. Also, having a good smile and being friendly at the time.

AllBet Gaming

AllBet Gaming is a Asian based casino game vendor. With plenty of pretty live dealers, their betting tables often come with two staff members including an assistant.

eBet Gaming

Besides the classic casino scenes, eBet Gaming provides betting tables with interesting background scenes, while the live dealers’ costumes match the background. For example, you can bet in a classroom with a “teacher” as the dealer, or in a hospital ward with a “nurse”!

WM Gaming

WM Gaming is a casino game vendor which has a strong backend, is stable and quick to access all the time. It is available in almost every live casino Malaysia. They provide live dealers in various appearances, including sexy bikinis, traditional cheongsams and formal black dresses.

BIG Gaming

BIG Gaming is also well known for its amazing system, as players could access and shift the tables quickly. Their interface is clear and easy to understand. Players can view every type of game or all the tables available easily.

Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming featured a live casino with the concept of ancient Chinese.
Here, the layout or buttons are in ancient Chinese styles, as well as their background music or sound effect.

SA Gaming

SA Gaming is another popular casino game vendor which cooperates with many live casino Malaysia. Their professional live dealers are mostly in formal black uniforms, showing passion to the players and having shiny smiles.

Kick Start Your Betting Journey with We1Win Online Live Casino Now

Sign up at We1Win to be our member now, with simple registration steps and no deposits required! Once registered as a new member, you can directly enjoy the benefits, including a welcome bonus for a new account, and free credits upon your first deposit. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions carefully before you make a bet.

You can experience all our exciting betting events with the highest odds among the online casinos in Malaysia. This includes slot games Malaysia and sports betting, where the minimum credit required is as low as RM1. Choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit today.

Playing online casino games and starting to earn big money now!

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