How to Register in Paymydoctor to Pay Bills

how to register in paymydoctor? Well, the answer to this query for registering in Paymydoctor is very simple. The only thing you have to do is undergoing or following the instructions provided below step by step. But before that let us go through certain details regarding paymydoctor. This is just like QuickPayPortal. Pay my Doctor is the online portal that helps in processing medical bills without encountering even a single technical issue.

All those people especially those who are big in age can simply go and access the corresponding portal for processing medical bill payments very well. And this has been introduced by the company called Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc respectively. The entire process can be done free of cost. No single penny is going to be charged additionally by the company.


And from the start to date, the service is perfectly available over the United States of America, United Kingdom (UK), and Canada too. From the start till then started covering around 2500 hospitals, 10+ million patient records, 180000 specialists or physicians, and various running successfully. So, now without wasting our time, let’s get into the details.

How to Register in Paymydoctor

Before you start accessing the portal, initially very important to get register ourselves at paymydoctor online web portal. And to get register in paymydoctor, following certain instructions is very much important to avoid the happening of problems or issues encountered in the middle. So, let’s go now!!!

  • Initially, open the default web browser and enter the over the in-built search bar and tap enter.
  • Now, if you are already registered user, then directly can move to the login page without any other thought.
  • But if your new, it is important to create an account and get register yourself initially.
  • Do tap on the button called create an account. So that you will see the new page requesting you fill certain details on the screen.

pay my doctor

  • Likewise, client id, paymydoctor account number, 5-digit zip code, username, password, confirm password, registered email, phone number respectively.
  • Once the details are entered successfully, you are suggested to tap on next.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done!!!!

Paymydoctor benefits and features

In order to get or build a better idea about the Paymydoctor, go through the below bullet points now without stepping back.

  • No additional fee is charged when you like to step forward and access the Paymydoctor online portal.
  • All the process of getting registering ourselves, login to the corresponding account, processing payments everything is very simple, quick, and easy too.
  •  All the registered people can download the transaction history too without facing even a single technical issue.
  • The portal includes multiple security levels for providing high security to all the users.
  • The payment can be done in various ways. And this payment can be done either through the credit/ cash/ anyway respectively.


I hope the details shared here is very clear. If still has any doubts, you can mention in the followed comment box. So that we will help you clear out. Like and share these with your friends and also through any social networking sites so that might help somebody who is looking out for the same. And do not forget to be in touch with us for learning more current things about these online portals accessing anywhere and anytime.

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