How to Fill Medical Forms before Appointment in Portal

How to Fill Medical Forms before Appointment? Today is you have seen 65% of people coming up with the same doubt. And they are completely unaware of it. No problem. I will help you. Follow the instructions or simple steps as it is provided below. Remember when you follow the below steps and do the same, you are going to fill medical forms perfectly before we proceed on taking or booking appointments respectively.

Do you know who has introduced this QuickPayPortal? Athena Health Inc, an American company.  They started this to enhance basic comfort to all the patients filling entire medical forms done successfully pre-appointment process. They never compromised in delivering quality services and making each and every patient or people who accessing the corresponding portal feeling comfortable very well.

How to Fill Medical Forms before Appointment

That means not only booking appointments, but also having to look after the medical patient’s medical history, prescriptions, picking up the exact mode of payment for paying bills, fill medical forms and various were done with it. Well, whatever let us learn now or focus mainly on the process involved in how to fill medical forms before the appointment without facing even a single problem.

How to Fill Medical Forms before Appointment

Now we have come to the point. Let me tell you people huge in number still not aware of the process involved in filling the medical forms. For those especially I am going to help you suggesting instructions in a simple way. Follow and apply accordingly step by step to avoid facing problems or issues encountered in the middle especially when you fill medical forms at

  • Take your Smart device, and switch on it.
  • Tap on the web browser you use regularly and open right away.
  • Once it gets open, move to the in-built search bar.
  • Enter the Quickpayportal official site address and hit enter.

quickpayportal pay medical bills online

  • Fill the needful information like Quick Pay code/ Statement Id or access code over the empty box and then tap Sign in.
  • If you have entered the valid details, it takes to your account. Otherwise, it will not get open at all.
  • Now let us hope you have entered the valid details and you are on your account page at
  • Go to the home page and tap on the appointments tab available on the top of the screen.
  • Select one respective option none other than the Medical forms available among various lists of items.
  • Click the form you like to fill or you feel necessary to fill medical forms available over on the account.
  • Finally, you are done!!!


I hope the points or steps mentioned above are totally clear to you. If you feel any trouble on understanding language or points provided here, post a comment. We will guide you perfectly in easy or simple terminology. For suppose, if you like to learn more details, do post a single comment. We are going to update at the same time to explain to you enhancing better ideas and better access. Keep sharing these points so that they might help someone absolutely and especially when they are in need. Stay connected with quick pay portal for learning more and more details at the right time.

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