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When we talk about fishing, we do not mean actually fishing with a rod and hook or even with a net. What we actually meant is the modern arcade game online where you shoot fishes and various sea creatures to kill them and collect credit points. Sometimes, there will be appearances of various objects that will offer special bonuses too.

Set in wondrous sea worlds with high quality graphics, players of these fish shooting games are given various weapons such as guns or cannons. The rules of these online fish games are relatively easy. All you have to do is load up the guns or cannons with bullets or ammos. Next, aim the fishes, sea creatures, or items that flashes on your screen, and shoot them.

Every target shot and killed will give you varying credit points. What is even better is that players can access these arcade games online from a laptop or phone. If you fancy, you can even download the software to your pc and play these fish shooting games offline.

To add on the fun factor, why not take a shot in betting on these fish shooting games too? On We1Win, there is always this element to make fish shooting games more fun.

The Developments of Arcade Fish Games

Arcade games have been for many decades a childhood favourite for many. The memories of visiting video arcades and playing various arcade games on special arcade machines are a treat for every kid in the 80s and 90s.

The variety of these arcade games were not limited or few. Instead, there was an abundance to choose from. Such as fighting games (Street Fighter, King of Fighters), sports games (FIFA, NBA), and even car racing one (Initial D, F1).

Besides that, there were also plenty of arcade game machines that allowed players to shoot targets. For example, Star Wars, Aliens, and many others.

As the internet and technology become more advanced, video arcades began to decline in popularity as well as availability. Even the famed SEGA outlet in Tokyo, Japan, had to shut its doors due to a fall in arcade game players. Even more so during the on-going pandemic scare.

Hence, many of these arcade games have migrated to the internet where players are able to play it remotely from anywhere in the world, on their smartphones or computers. This proves to be more exciting and certainly more convenient for everyone.

Regardless of it all, the popularity of these arcade games will never fade and will continue to be a crowd favourite. Which is why game developers are evolving with time and are developing arcade games to be more compatible for the online world or for computers like what you can easily find on We1Win. Best part of it all, the games can be played with multiple players, have better graphics and interface, as well as better performance overall.

Be The Best Fisherman of The Sea

There is nothing simpler than fish shooting games. It is even better than the real art of fishing. All you need is some ammunition or bullets loaded into your cannon or gun. After loading your weapon, all you need to do is aim and shoot using your mouse clicker.

What makes these fish shooting games interesting is that you do not just shoot fish. At varying times, you will have a variety of different creatures and objects which will flash on your screen for you to shoot. “Killing” these special creatures or objects will offer you special game bonuses. Some of the different sea creatures you will encounter are octopuses, squids, turtles, and stingrays. You will also find special objects such as treasure chests or balloons carrying limited edition bonus rewards.

Besides that, players will also at times come across high scoring fishes such as sharks or large fishes in fish shooting games. These precious creatures carry higher credit points and will offer higher rewards compared to normal smaller fishes or creatures. However, shooting these creatures will require more ammunition or bullets. So, make sure to weigh the pros and cons before beginning your hunt of such large limited creatures on your screen.

Reign Against Sea Bosses

Apart from common fishes, special objects, different sea creatures, and larger fishes, there are also certain bonus hours where some powerful creatures, also known as “the boss” will appear at fish shooting games. These “bosses” will appear without warning and your aim is to make sure to fire at them as much as you can. If the boss is killed by you, you may attain multiple credit points that will either double, triple or add more to your credit points.

Some of these bosses are as magnificent as you can imagine them. They may include magnanimous ‘gods’ such as Chinese Dragons, fairies, pearl oysters, king crabs, or the elusive Dragon King. This hard to kill Dragon King rarely appears in the game. Even if it does appear, defeating it is a tricky feat. But, if you do beat it, you will be rewarded handsomely for your effort.
These special creatures make the fish shooting games even more interesting than it already is. There is not much difference between playing these games over playing more common arcade games you loved from your childhood days. The advantage of playing fish shooting games is that you get to earn some cash while you play, especially if you play them on We1Win.

Due to its complex gameplay, we advise that you keep focus while playing and apply various strategies like switching ammunition rapidly and according to what pops up on your screen.

Advantage for Seasoned Shooting Game Enthusiasts

If you love playing shooting games and find yourself doing well in games, the likes of Aliens, The House of the Dead, or any first-person shooting games, you may find fish shooting games a breeze. What is more worthwhile is that you get to earn cash or prizes when you bet on the game while playing it.

Betting on arcade games such as this is a new and popular betting method from the classic poker, slots, 4D lottery or even sports betting games. This trending betting arcade game allows you to both make a fortune while enjoying endless time on your devices shooting to your heart’s content!

Even though you are new to the game, you will not have any trouble adapting to it easily. It is not as hard as you think. And, if you have much experience in playing arcade shooting games previously, this will be a great alternative to add to your playing field. Furthermore, you will not just be wasting your time playing these fish shooting games as you will be able to earn rewards in return. Even more so if you play it on We1Win.

Tactics to Achieve High Scores in Fish Shooting Games

There are many ways to achieve high scores when playing fish games online. First and foremost, players should employ various strategies or tactics on different targets on screen. This will ensure higher scores while using the least amount of ammunition or firepower.

One example of a good tactic to earn high scores is for players to shoot smaller fish with smaller guns which use regular cheaper bullets. This ensures that you will use the least amount of ammos and are able to collect more credit points with little loss from purchasing ammos.

However, for larger prey or more precious characters like dragons, fairies, or even the Dragon King, players should prepare big cannons with huge amounts of firepower. That is because, you do not want to run out of bullets during the fight with these special bosses!

Switching on Auto / Manual Aiming

When playing fish games online, there is one thing to take note of: the shooting action a player can choose from. The choices are: to aim manually or automatically.

For many who are new to the game or are not skillful in playing shooting games will often opt for the automatic firing option. This is where the gaming system will do the shooting for you. The disadvantage of this option is that your weapon will aim at any object on screen regardless of their odds or credit points. This means that the auto function will probably miss out in shooting the dragon which just passed your screen and instead aim for smaller prey.

Playing the manual option ensures that you are aiming at the object you want and know you can get. It might also be more fun and challenging because you really need to sharpen your shooting skills and reactions to targets if you wish to use this option in a fish game online.

he Best Site for All Your Fish Games Online

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